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      The following is a sample of a typical Notice of Foreclosure published pursuant to NRS 108.239 Action to enforce notice of lien: Complaint; required notices; joinder of persons holding or claiming notice of lien; consolidation of actions; hearing and judgment; preferential trial setting; binding arbitration; sale of property.

      It is typically used to show that a Complaint to enforce a Notice of Lien has been filed with a Court.

      The Notice must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county once a week for 3 successive weeks.

      On the last day of publication, a Certification of Publication will be sent to you by first class mail.

      You may copy the following Legal Notice to your word processor, insert the appropriate information, and, paste it into the box on the Legal Notice publication page at Click here for Legal Notice publication page


        [insert County Name here] COUNTY, NEVADA

        [insert full name(s) of Plaintiff(s) here]


        [insert full name(s) of Defendant(s) here]

        CASE NO: [insert Case Number here]

        DEPT. NO: [insert Department Letter(s) here]



        On or about [insert Date that Complaint was filed with the Court here], Plaintiff filed a complaint against Defendants with the Clerk of the Court to foreclose the recorded lien, affecting the below mentioned real property.

        NOTICE TO ANY AND ALL PERSONS holding or claiming interest in the real property, including but not limited to those holding or claiming a lien or liens under the provisions of NRS 108.221 through 108.246, inclusive, upon that real property described as [insert legal description of property here], [insert County name here] County, Nevada, Parcel Number: APN [insert Assessor's Parcel Number here], are notified to file with the Clerk of the District Court of [insert County name here] County, Nevada and serve on Plaintiff, in care of [insert name, address, telephone number & fax number of Plaintiff or Attorney for Plaintiff here], and Defendants, a written statement of facts constituting their liens, including the dates and amounts thereof, within ten (10) days after the last publication of this notice.


      This information is not intended to provide legal advice or substitute for the advice of counsel.

      As the law is subject to change and due to differing interpretations,
      the reader should contact an attorney directly for legal advice.

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